Library and GardenIt’s the end of summer… and officially so once we move through Labor Day next weekend. I’ve had lot’s of time this summer to work outside in my garden, catch up on some reading, and play with my nieces and nephew (and my kitties too) but I’m so excited for Fall to arrive! I love it that the seasons last just long enough… when it’s time for one to end and a new one to begin it always “feels” right. I’m especially excited for this Fall season because school has begun and that means my schedule is about to fill up with lots of adorable kiddos who will benefit from my tutoring support!

There isn’t much that brings me more pleasure than kids and reading so the fact that I get to spend my days working with kids and helping them to read more confidently is my dream come true!

It’s no secret that we have very deep and fundamental issues in our education system at the moment. They are what they are but as all things go, this too shall eventually pass. But even as kids and teachers are under intense pressure the only thing that really matters is that kids have the tools and strategies they need in order to be independent and strategic as they read to make meaning! If they arrive at this end then nothing can stop them from being successful!

If you have a child who is struggling please reach out to me, I will be delighted to help!

Kelly xo