Eat Pie Drink WineAt the risk of sounding cliche’ on this rainy and chilly Thanksgiving Eve, I’m full of gratitude for all of the many blessings in my life.  I have the most amazing and supportive friends, my health is top notch, I’m doing work that I absolutely love and I get to sleep in my own bed every night rather than traveling the country and sleeping in strange hotels…  that was all great while it lasted but it’s time to be HOME now.

I’m learning how to live more simply, to love more freely and to give more from my heart.  I’m blessed to have two sisters who are my very best friends, a brother who lives far away in proximity but remains close in my heart, three nieces and a nephew who bring me so much joy and laughter and a father who couldn’t be more loving and supportive of me and all that I choose to do in my life.  I love you all.

I’m especially grateful to the children, parents, and schools who have put their trust in me to do the work I do from the bottom of my heart to make a difference in the lives of many!  How blessed and lucky am I?  Thank you for the opportunity to do what I do in order to make a difference for you.

I’m beyond grateful for these (and more) many blessings and especially those to come as we say goodbye to 2014 and welcome the new year in with arms wide open.  I am excited and grateful for the blessings to come.

So, as you gather, this Thanksgiving, with family and friends, to eat, drink and be merry, what are you grateful for?

I wish everyone a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving holiday.