We’re well into January 2016, a brand new year withHappy unlimited possibilities for all of us.  I’ve been busy… you’ve most likely been busy… life is busy for us all.  But sometimes we have circumstances that occur that cause our lives to be placed on “pause” whether we like it or not.  I’ve been dealing with life on pause myself these last few weeks as my father came close to death but ultimately pulled through, thank God.  I’ve had a bit of extra time to contemplate life and death and purpose.

That time for deep contemplation brought much realization…

I haven’t posted anything here in a while because I’ve been “busy”… I feel the need to apologize for that because writing blog posts is the way I stay in touch with parents, so forgive me.  I also realized that I don’t think I’ve shared with you WHY I do this work that I do… with YOUR children… and I feel like it’s important for you to know why.

I chose to tutor kids because I LOVE it… teaching is my gift. I love kids (I love YOUR kids!), I love teaching and by tutoring I get to do all that and SERVE with PURPOSE.  When I left my school improvement consulting job of almost 20 years (!) I did so because I felt I was living out of personal integrity, I was not working/living authentically due to the fact that I was required to support teachers in their efforts to help kids in ways that I don’t agree with (Public School System) for teachers AND kids!  So I made the very scary choice to “jump”, to take a risk and follow my heart and it’s been the absolute BEST decision I’ve EVER made!

My weekdays consist of working with YOUR precious kids… helping them to realize the “magic” that they are, supporting them as they gain strength in abilities that they didn’t know they had.  I get to show them how magnificent they are, how special they are and how MUCH they can accomplish when they are aware of some simple tools and learn how to use them.  I have the privilege of watching YOUR kids wake up to who they are… to see their eyes sparkle when they meet a personal goal and make leaps and bounds in regards to progress… Most of the kids I work with struggle with reading.  Words can’t describe the feelings that well up in me when I see the “light” come on for your kids… when they “crack the code” and it all comes bubbling forth.  They look at me for reassurance, almost like they don’t believe that they’re actually making progress and “doing it”… they’ve gotten so used to feeling less than, so when the progress DOES begin to happen they second guess it.  But the ball keeps rolling and they continue to get stronger and stronger and then they begin to truly believe in themselves! And NOTHING MAKES ME HAPPIER!!!

I LOVE how I get to serve YOUR kids each day… I used to pray to have a career that would make me want to jump out of bed each morning and that prayer has been answered.  I feel richly blessed. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for entrusting me to support and empower your little ones.  I’m grateful and honored beyond words.

I do what I do because it’s my way to serve with purpose.  It’s my way to use the gifts I’ve been given in a way that makes a BIG difference in the world.  It’s NOT just a means to earning a living… it’s NOT just a job to pay the bills… it’s a blessing that keeps on giving and one that changes lives forever.  How does it get any better than that?  How lucky am I?

Thank you… <3