My Child Is “Smart” But Struggling

Your child is “smart” but struggling in school…  and his/her teachers don’t really know why, but they contact you, saying things like, “Michael tends to fidget a lot.  He needs to pay better attention in class”, or “Emily tries hard but she’s falling behind in reading despite our interventions…”

For a child who struggles to keep up, falling behind can feel like an impossible feat,,. what’s the point in even trying? And the greatest danger comes from the potential loss of motivation and confidence.

Most of the students I work with are intelligent, bright, and amazing kids who are trying their best but need help…  I work mostly with right-brained dominant children who struggle with the standard left-brained teaching/learning styles of our schools and their curricula today.  In fact, research has proven that ALL ADD/ADHD kids are visual spatial or right-brained learners.  As humans, we are all so different… we think differently and learn differently.  I understand these differences and provide children with the strategies and support they need as individuals according to the way they learn best.

Please visit this page for a quick quiz that will aid in determining the learning style of your child.

Your Child May Benefit From My Support If They:

  • Dislike school and resists being taught; struggle with homework
  • Aren’t reading yet (or reading well). They LOVE the pictures in books but resist looking at or giving attention to the words
  • Have trouble memorizing math facts or can’t show his work for complex equations but knows the answers
  • Dread and do poorly on any timed test
  • Have low self esteem and think negatively of themselves in relation to school performance; is beginning to think he’s stupid
  • Act out in school or loses interest in learning
  • Daydream easily and get deeply lost in their thoughts
  • Often prefer time alone and avoid loud and overcrowded places and events
  • Struggle to focus on any given task (spends time daydreaming, or is easily distracted, etc)
  • Produce test scores that do not reflect his or her daily performance and evident “brilliance”

Just to mention a few…

If your son or daughter is having difficulty in school it can be very concerning, especially if you don’t know what to do to help them…

Well, you’ve found me… I can make the difference that will allow your child to build their confidence and motivation.  I will determine their strengths and weaknesses and teach them strategies to use so that they are able to learn and perform without falling behind.

The pressure on kids (and teachers) these days is excessive, I understand that pressure first hand. I also understand how to alleviate it and make it work FOR your child rather than against him or her.

I’m passionate about helping kids learn to read and read WELL, math too! If kids struggle to read then they won’t be able to succeed in other subject areas and as the years progress the gap gets wider and wider. I guarantee that I can teach your child to be a confident and successful.  My goal is to help them read and solidly comprehend as well as learn to LOVE reading.  Reading skills and strategies vary depending on the way our brains are wired.  What works for some doesn’t work for all.  I know the difference and can help your child with strategies that will allow them to comprehend deeply in ALL subject areas. I can do that for your child (or for you if you are a struggling reader yourself).

I also tutor math, science, social studies, spelling, writing and other subjects at the elementary and middle school levels.

Be Proactive

I’m currently accepting new students.

Your child will get the very best support in the areas in which they, as an individual,  are struggling.  I monitor all of my student’s progress very carefully and strive to stay in close contact with their teachers and parents for feedback and recommendations.

 Get in touch, I’m here to help…


cell:  407-923-3627