Why Can’t My Child Read Those “Little” Words?

If you’ve ever read with a dyslexic child you’ve probably been curious, or maybe even frustrated with the fact that when reading aloud they read multi-syllabic words with relative ease but often stumble over smaller words, typically sight words, such as; for, any, if,...

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Happy New Year!

It’s a brand new school year and my heart is completely full… I feel so incredibly blessed to be doing this work that I love, work that fills me up inside and makes me feel like the luckiest person alive.  I definitely don’t take it for granted.  I’ve written similar...

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Why Visual-Spatial (Right-Brained) Kids Struggle to Spell

I have no trouble with spelling personally, in fact I LOVE words and am fascinated by the way words are put together. However, although I work with the most amazing, brilliant and creative kids... kids with more visual/artistic talent in their little finger than I...

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Pressure to Perform?

Each year, as we glide out of winter and begin to move into spring the pressure seems to mount in terms of student expectations for progress in school.  This is especially true for kids who are performing below grade level in any or all subject areas.  If you've read...

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The Overdiagnosis of ADHD

Do you suspect or has your child been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD? I'm extremely passionate about this subject because I work with many children who exhibit symptoms of ADD/ADHD, and secondly, there is SO MUCH info to report.  Therefore I'll keep it brief and do my...

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Broken Hearts… No More

One of the MOST common and consistent issues I encounter as I work with kids who struggle academically, and sometimes physically and socially, is their own, self-created, sense of "failure".  Once they realize how much I not only understand their plight, but also...

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Is Your Child A Right-Brained Learner?

If your child is struggling in school there may be a very valid reason...     A solid 90% of the students I work with are right-brained learners (dyslexics, ADD/ADHD, visual-spatial, etc) and they are BRILLIANT!  But all of these kids are struggling in school.  Once...

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Student Engagement… why does it matter?

After reading an article on Facebook earlier this week, written by a woman who chose to spend two days as a 10th grade student (http://wapo.st/1uQpM67), it got me thinking about how tough it is to be a student these days...  Teaching is HARD but I would be...

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Could Your Child Be Dyslexic?

Did you know that Albert Einstein was dyslexic? How about Oprah Winfrey or Bill Gates? Dyslexia is NOT a disease... it's NOT something to be cured. People (10-20% of the population) are born dyslexic, they are not born WITH dyslexia. One thing I know for sure, based...

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There’s Nothing Wrong With Your Child…

Our current system of education in this country is in dire straits right now.  I've spent almost 25 years in the public school arena and I've seen things go from bad to worse.  But the pendulum always swings back and I'm beginning to see the shift but it's going to...

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How do I Help My Child With Reading?

Parents frequently ask what they can do to support their child's progress with reading.  And I always say that the MOST important thing we can do for kids to, is to empower them so that they become independent and strategic readers. What this means is that we want to...

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