One-To-One Private Tutoring/Intervention

One of the most helpful supports for a student is one-on-one guidance and tutoring in a relaxed, quiet setting. My approach to tutoring is very different than others as I specifically tailor our sessions to the learning styles of the student. I specialize in teaching the visual learner how to get their visual, rapid fire, 3-dimensional minds, to translate their images into the correct words. I can easily remediate reading issues, spelling issues, and math computational problems. I can make “magic” happen with kids when they are able to excel in a comfortable, non-pressure environment. I love to see their face light up because they are learning the way in which their brain receives education the best. I employ very specific personalized strategies that no one else I know is currently using.

During our 50 minutes of uninterrupted minute of academic learning, the student’s sessions is based on the identified needs of both formal and informal observation and assessment results. I regularly communicate with both the parents and the educator(s) on the student’s progress. I offer a variety of tutoring sessions, particularly in the areas of:

  • Reading
  • Math
  • Spelling
  • Writing

You can read the many testimonies from parents on the success their child has had as a student in my one-on-one tutoring program here. 

Educational Therapy

My educational therapy consists of quickly analyzing a child’s processing style.  Then I share with that child how AMAZING they are and explain exactly how their mind works. We then take the next step and I make connections and relate their personal learning style to all learning issues, including auditory processing, sequencing, writing, math computation and sequential procedures… all educational pursuits.

In an almost magical way, the child/student will then be able to use their learning style to cover and/or compensate for most of their educational weaknesses. I do not directly re-mediate in the traditional way, which is a direct frontal approach on the problem. Instead I believe that most people with learning issues are primarily right hemispheric learners, and have within them the ability to accomplish much of what a left brained school system requires. In short, I work to develop the innate strengths of the dominant hemisphere. This helps children feel accomplished and  to meet most of the demands that school and other life challenges may bring forth.

I’m proud to say that I have a reputable track record which is replete with successes. I proudly and humbly share that virtually every student I have ever worked with has gained tremendously from my expertise.

You can read the many testimonies from parents on the success their child has had as a student in my educational therapy here. 

Educator Services

As a past educator in the school system, I have a strong understanding of the needs of educators to best support their students in achieving success in a busy classroom. Taking my previous experiences, joined with my expertise in understanding the special needs of all students, I offer a complete staff-training workshop. These workshops can range from 1-1/2 hours to a full day. I have presented before numerous staffs all over the United States in both private and public school settings. My workshops are noteworthy because of the hands on, quick nature of my techniques.

We will begin with an overview of how visual learners differ in so many ways from their left brained counterparts. These subtle differences are not universally known amongst most professional educators, and are tremendously helpful in truly understanding how the visual learner thinks, views the world, and most importantly, can be taught through their areas of strength, rather than hammering away at their weaknesses.

Then, we’ll thoroughly discuss how to teach the most basic of skills to this rapidly emerging, soon to be a majority, group of students. In a typical 3-hour workshop, I will provide the staff with handouts of my PowerPoint and integrate them into the session. I absolutely guarantee your staff will leave the session with a working knowledge of effective techniques which will work immediately with their students.

My workshops will unquestionably raise children’s test scores, as well as dissolve most issues centering around learning disabilities.

Parent Support and Consultations

Shock and fear often accompany the realization that one’s child identifies with dyslexia.  What does it mean, what can be done, can it be “fixed”?  These are just a sample of the hundreds of potential questions a parent may have as they take the dyslexia journey. 

As this population of visual learners quickly becomes the norm in education, the time is NOW to make sense of what this means for your precious child.  They must be taught differently and at the very least they’ll need classroom accommodations to help even the playing field so that they are able to find success without trying to be someone they’re not. I’ll reveal techniques that both parents and educators can immediately use to turn their child’s performance around in school as well as in other aspects of their lives.

Lectures / Speaking Engagements

I offer a variety of speaking options for parent groups, educators, and school administrators. Speaking engagements usually range from 45 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. I’m an experienced, perceptive and dynamic speaker who has lived this topic all of my life. As my work has spanned over the years, and has been filled with amazing experiences, I’ll share a variety of real life examples, solutions and anecdotal stories of issues which have confronted my many students. I’ll offer easy, hands on techniques which will revolutionize how teachers and parents will view their right brained students.

Connect with Kelly

I'm available to speak with you about your child and to answer questions you may have regarding the results of their psychoeducational evaluation, classroom accommodations, advocation at the school level, clarification around dyslexia, personal educational goals etc. Simply complete the form below or contact me via phone and I will be in touch soon.

*Phone consultations will be billed per my hourly rate of $80 for up to one hour.

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About Kelly

Kelly Cavanaugh is an educational therapist, learning/reading specialist and school improvement consultant who works with many children across the learning style spectrum. She is passionate about her work with students (and parents and teachers)and empowers them to learn the "right way" FOR THEM by identifying and nurturing their individual learning style. Read more...

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